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This series provides succinct and balanced overviews of the religions of the world. Written in an accessible and informative style, and assuming little or no prior knowledge on the part of the reader, each book gives a basic introduction to the faith--its history, beliefs, and practices--and emphasizes modern developments and the role and impact of the religion in today's world. "Sikhism" is a concise and readable survey of the history of Sikhism, from its founding in the Punjab in the sixteenth century to its spread across the globe today. Focusing particularly on the modern period, it provides a valuable introduction to contemporary Sikh beliefs, devotional activity, and sacred space. "Sikhism" looks at the ways in which this regional religious tradition has become a global religion and how it continues to adapt and meet the challenges of the modern world. This unique and insightful book skillfully combines recent research in the area of Sikh studies to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of Sikh history and religiosity against the backdrop of other major religious traditions of the world. Considers the Sikhs today, with focused discussion on the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Guru Panth, the Darbar Sahib, and Amritsar. Examines the founding of the Sikh community, the Guru Nanak, the Sikh doctrine, and the guiding ethics of the religion, and delves into the development of the community, including the influences of the Guru Gobind Singh, the establishment of Sikh Kingdom in the Punjab, and Sikhs move into the modern world. Explores Sikh beliefs, practices, family life and festivals, and concludes a thought-provoking chapter on the future of the Sikh religion--meeting spiritual needs away from the Punjab; replanting the Sikh institution in an alien soil, and moving toward a membership of the global community. For readers interested in World Religions.

Book Details

Book Name Sikhism
Author Gurinder Singh Mann, Ninian Smart, Richard Hecht
Publisher Prentice Hall (Jan 2004)
ISBN 9780130409775
Pages 128
Language English
Price 1627

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