Life Force: The World Of Jainism

Book Summary

Outside India, little is known of Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the world; a gentle faith whose ancient precepts have always nurtured an ecological way of life, and which numbers today nearly ten million adherents. At the root of Jainism's compassionate philosophy is the practice of ahimsa, meaning non-violence, an approach to the world that greatly influenced Mahatma Gandhi. Today, with the earth's environment and everyone of its species under constant siege, Jainism has more of a role to play than ever before. In this accessible and thought-provoking portrait of a religion, the Jain antidotes to human violence and environmental abuse come elegantly and persuasively to light.

Book Details

Book Name Life Force: The World Of Jainism
Author Michael Tobias
Publisher Jain Publishing Company (May 2000)
ISBN 9780875730806
Pages 116
Language English
Price 728

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